Reserved funds in local wallet but can't do the trade - sell BTC for EUR

Hello I am new here on the platform and am trying to sell 0.5 BTC …

In my portfolio I see my open offer …

When I want to accept an offer and sell the BTC … I try to transfer the funds from Bitsquare Wallet… But it says that I have only 0.0003 BTC in my wallet. I don’t understand I have 0.5102 BTC as reserved funds available.

It says 'Reserved in local wallet for offer with ID : … ’

Are these then not available for the trade ? What do I need to do to accept the trade.


the software sends/releases the monies, you dont need to manually transfer.
edit: sounds like you have an offer open, but want to start another trade. wont work unless you cancel the first one as the funds are locked from the first open order.

If I understand correctly, you have about 0.51 BTC in your Bitsquare wallet.

You created an offer to sell 0.5 BTC. These funds are reserved for the offer and can’t be spent elsewhere unless you remove the active offer.

In order to accept another offer you would need to close the open offer or send more BTC to your Bitsquare wallet.