[RESOLVED] Arbitrator: urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion:9999

please tell him to come online
it has been over 24h in a dispute and my message is still shown as saved in his inbox

That is @arbitrator1 . It is possible that the message was lost due to network issues.

I am having similar problems, disputes this week taking 1-2 days before being addressed

nevermind, thread can be closed, because of network issues it wasn’t shown to me that the arbitrator already processed teh dispute

What is the trade ID?

Maybe the dispute message did not arrive. You can re-open it with cmd+o, just confirm all warnings fi you open again a dispute.

Ah read not the last message… Ok, its resolved then

I am at least once day online. Different timezones might have an effect or network issues. If you see that a message took longer then 1 day please send me a PM with a screenshot with the date. Not sure if the data is your receiving date of the date when the arbitrator sent the msg.