Resolved: Button `Save new account` Remained Greyed Out

Hello Community,
I’d like to add a new SEPA account. After filling in the form. The button Save new account remains greyed out so long we do not click on the two drop-down lists sitting next to Country of bank.

In my case, I happened to accept the default country and currency, but then was unable to save the new account since the button Save new account was greyed out. In order to unfreeze that button, I clicked everywhere and it seems that we really need to click on those drop-down menus (sitting next to Country of bank) even though the default options are the right ones.

Just letting you know.

Yes, this is a known issue

Thank you for reporting anyway :slight_smile:

I’d like to add a new SEPA account. Unfortunately, Bisq persists in showing me a greyed out “Save new account” button, which is horribly frustrating. Bisq highlights BIC and IBAN areas in red border although I have perfectly copied and pasted the right codes with no spacing. Clicking everywhere no longer fixes the issue.

The “Create new account” panel is really buggy (at least, for Mac users choosing SEPA), which gives a bad start, potentially discouraging new users to use Bisq. Although a remarkable job has been put into Bisq (GUI, back-end, etc.), I recommend (as a future regular user of Biq) to fix this horrible issue for the next release. This is not a minor bug, it is a major one in the sense that it could put someone off using Bisq app.

Returning to my user experience, what should I do then in order to force Bisq accept my bank details? I’m on a Mac. Thanks for your help.

(I had to delete my previous SEPA account as it’s no longer valid)

Can you PM me a screenshot with all your entered data (you can fake data). Did you click outside when you edited the last field. The button gets updated its state only at focus out of the input fields. I have not heard about that before so it should not be a bug, but maybe some usability issue. Also try to restart the app to be sure not anything else has screwed it up.

I do apologise for my previous and unnecessary comment. I inverted my inputs in the BIC and IBAN fields…

I just need to fiddle with drop-down menu (country of bank, currency) to activate “Save new account” button.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

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