RESOLVED: Locked up funds from failed trade

Hi, my software has little problems, and there is now a failed trade with funds locked up. I opened a support ticket but no one replied within one day.

The software keeps loosing contact to the peers.

However I am the buyer, I have transferred the money and I cannot click the button “Payment started” in the transaction because it is greyd out.

Now a warning messagebox appears when I open the software stating:
Warning, You have locked up funds from a failed trade. Locked up balance 0.01 BTC.
Deposit tx address: xxx
Trade ID: sIbtY

So the money I have transferred. How do I eventually get the bitcoins that I purchased?

What data do I need to post here to so I can get help by the arbitrator?

If you can get your arbitrators onion address for that trade, that would be enough to contact him here.

You can also try reopening a ticket with cmd+o, but it would be good to let the arbitrator know on the forum as well.

Ok, my arbitrators onion adress is 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999. Please check if something needs to be done. Thanks!

That is @keo
He should be getting an email now that we mentioned him here and he can look into it.

Thanks. Nothing happened until now… @keo

I’ll send him a message on Slack now.

Maybe you don’t get my messages in the app. Anyhow I have asked the seller if he got paid and is waiting for his answer.

In case you have app-problems you can also message me at

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Ok, thanks very much guys. I get messages from you in the software, but you may not be getting my replies.
I´ll write something tomorrow in the email, today is late :wink:

@madraba Do you have latest Bisq version installed? If not please update. Do you have stable internet? After sending a message don’t shut down Bisq too quickly to make sure the message gets sent.

Hi, yes I have Version Bisq-64bit-0.8.0. And I have waited several minutes after sending the messages before I shut down the computer. The software also shows “Message arrival confirmend by receiver”

The arbitrator contacted me in the software and said he reaches out to the seller. I have replied to him, but I think even though the software indicates differently, he does not get my messages. Anyway, the trade that is concerned is still running for another day, and the escrow wallet has the funds, so I guess after the 6 day period, arbitrator has to manually close / confirm the trade and payout the coins accordingly.

When I reopen the support ticket from the screen where my open trades are listed, the arbitrator gets my message again. (In case other users have the problem that they get no reply in a support ticket.)

Can you please email him a screenshot from your sent messages, so he can check if he received it.

Yes, I´ll do that. He replied me now in the ticket as well.

Arbitrator paid out the funds. Thanks for your support!