[Resolved] Need help: BTC seller not confirming Nat. Bank Transfer

Took offer to buy BTC thru National Bank Transfer method. Paid $10 extra for next day delivery of funds to their account. Sent funds to their account online using the account / routing numbers they gave me. Transfer has been cleared for over 24 hours now and still they have not released the funds to me. Opened a support ticket and thought maybe I could reach out to the arbitrator here?

Arb. Onion address: 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion
Trade ID: LCNCRZH5-36103b85-10f0-4dbe-90e1-d9608029e779-080

Thank you so much,

This is @cbeams address if I’m not wrong.
He’s in Europe, so he’ll probably answer in the next hours (morning just begins in Europe).
There are often some delays on week-ends, but 99.9% of time the trade ends well.

Whoever the arbitrator is, they have messaged me and told me that I opened the ticket before the trade window was up. I feel so stupid :confused: I was just being impatient I guess, I thought since everything had cleared on my end that they must be withholding the funds for some reason and felt like there must be an issue. I am waiting for the trade window to close now - not much longer, a little less than 8 hours. Will keep the forums updated.

Thank you for your input !

very shortly after I replied they have gotten back to me again and told me that they are currently talking to the third party. The arbitrator is giving me some very valuable information about the trading process for which I am very grateful :smiley:
will update again later on whatever happens @Homard

Yeah, don’t use cmd+o unless there is an issue that will certainly cause the trade to fail.

I’ve been speaking with the arbitrator, he informed me a little more about what the opt+o command is supposed to be used for. @alexej996 thank you for your input, I hope that this will be solved soon… I sent my funds thursday of last week. If anything, I really want my security deposit back- it was .05 btc :frowning:

Does anyone know how to reclaim the security deposit if my trade is never resolved?

Fees arrive and funds were paid out. Thank you so much to all who provided input and especially to the arbitrator. You guys are the best!