[RESOLVED] Offer keeps getting disabled?

I successfully made a first offer and completed the transaction this morning. Now after creating a second offer I have noticed that my offer keeps defaulting to disabled. After enabling it it returns to disabled within a minute or two. Any ideas why?

I also get a message when restarting the app that states:

“We did not receive a filter object from the seed nodes. This is a not expected situation. Please inform the Bisq developers”

No idea what it means or whether it’s related.

I have already tried rebooting.

Any thoughts or pointers would be very helpful.


Bisq v1.7.5
Linux Pop OS.

After several hours the issue resolved itself. On restarting the app (had restarted both the app and the PC multiple times earlier) I didn’t get the same ‘we did not receive a filter…’ error message, and the existing offer remained active. I completed that offer later. I saw a link: post on reddit from yesterday with the same symptom as I had at a similar time. Not sure whether related in any way, not sure which parts of the app are P2P and which rely on external shared resources etc.

I am also having this problem, since I updated to v1.7.5, my offer doesn’t stay active very long, and get disabled in a few minutes. If i enable it, it gets disabled…

Restarted PC and bisq but no improvements.

And I never got the message “We did not receive a filter object from the seed nodes. etf…"

Someone has a solution to this?