RESOLVED: Starter Package Offerer Scammed?

No great surprise and only around $50 USD but I responded to help user Mdriver04 here and they disappeared as soon as the BTC hit their wallet. Obviously other users/accounts could be created by this person or others. Just wanted to give folks a heads up, I’ll let people know in the unlikely event they show back up. I’ve done my bit but will be sitting out future requests for the foreseeable future. Any ideas for improving the process? I got a work email and phone number and scanned drivers license FYI.

Oh damn. Maybe he/she is just slow/lazy. I also stopped giving credits because people just forgot to pay back, was even smaller amounts… but I don’t have time to remember them 5 times… Sad that people cannot deal with such things…

Yeh. Any ideas for other solutions floating around?

I still doubt it is a real problem. Most newbies know Bitcoiners who recommended them and they can lend them (and hopefully don’t get scammed :-)). Meetups are other places where its easy to get some small amounts.

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Manfred was right as always :smiley: She did eventually show back up and paid me back including late fee and interest so all’s well that ends well.

Delete the thread or leave it up? Whatever you think best. Anyway, I never stopped providing the service so there’s no excuse for people in the US to use centralized fiat/btc exchanges anymore :slight_smile:

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I just updated the title to make it clear that this got worked out. Thanks @justpaul.

Great, appreciated.