RESOLVED Trade Got Frozen and my funds locked up?

Hi, Trade ID: IDZVJP

Basic gist: back in July had an accepted offfer (I was buyer), and the seller’s deposit malfunctioned. Now the trade keeps “Waiting for confirmation” and my attempts to reach arbitration have failed. Can anyone help?

Have you tried reopening a dispute with cmd+o?

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Yes, multiple times

Try using cmd+e to withdraw your funds then.

Please post the arbitrators onion address here. Might be that a dispute message got dropped.

swfmgmb2aoyqxkte.onion:9999 is the arbitrator’s onion address.

The arbitrator closed again. Hope the trade is now in the closed state. Check with cmd+e if the balance is the same as available + reserved balance in the UI.

Yep, it’s resolved, thanks so much for your help!