[RESOLVED] Trade hYVwoH closed/cancelled while XMR was already sent

The arbitrator closed the trade by the seller’s request. He sent the payout back to the seller. However, the XMR payment was already sent and the ‘sent payment’ button was pressed before the dispute.

The arbitrator did not ask if I had sent the payment before closing the trade.
Arbitrator’s address: hvllnddukspprwt6.onion:9999

EDITED: removed the txid and key for privacy

Hey, I removed the txid and key for privacy.
I don’t know if the this arbitrator has a forum account, but I will ping people in #arbitration Slack channel, about this issue.

PS: You could try reopening a ticket with cmd+o

Thanks, the ticket was closed, so it’s not possible to reopen it from my side.

It would be great if I can reach the arbitrator. I have lost my XMR payment because of the closing of the trade.

This trade is not in my dispute list.

This is my trade, and it was indeed a mistake on my part to close it without confirming whether the XMR had been sent on your side. My understanding was that it had not, but in any case we make it a practice to confirm this with the buyer before closing to avoid exactly this situation. I will re-open the dispute now and attempt to contact the seller to either (a) send your XMR payment back or (b) transfer the BTC to you after all. You should be able to communicate with me about it within the app once the trade is re-opened, but if you cannot, please PM me here on the forum and we can resolve it there.

@banddd, please confirm here that you can see and respond to the now re-opened dispute ticket for hYVwoH, thanks.

Thanks @cbeams , I could see your message in the client. But the trade remains closed. I couldn’t reply to the ticket.

Understood, and I see that you’ve PM’d me in the meantime. Let’s continue there.

@brnd @cbeams @banddd The seller has refunded the XMR. Great thanks to the honest seller!!!