[Resolved] Trade stuck after receiving money back

I took a trade to buy BTC, sent the money and the seller didn´t appear to have even seen the message sent to him/her by bisq to confirm reception of money. Trade time completed and I opened support ticket. I had to travel and asked arbitrator if possible to wait until I was back. When I came back had no response from arbitrator and had received the money back. I wrote to arbitrator again and I still have no answer from arbitrator a week after coming back. Deposit in locked funds.

Trade ID: vIF0gXeb-1ea87fb1-c8c3-4492-9947-37a116368c46-080

Arbitrator onion address: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

Maker fee Tx ID: 1e47b9b57b5151c52c3accf12a99d49eaadb233ab9617b761aae20909b2de38a

Taker fee Tx ID: 2d8bed6dff5438fb458679e6e3a0c45465ba729e97245724fb1b28daf01312d1

Deposit Tx ID: 74d1708adfc5f148e991a9d74de81f7a31dd3660da6c81c4a82aecbb6340de88

This is @keo

You can try closing and opening a dispute again with cmd+o, perhaps the message to the arbitrator got lost due to some network issues.

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pressing cmd+o doesn´t close the dispute. I don´t know if it is because I have a problem pairing the keyboard and some keys don´t work properly

cmd+o is used to open a dispute, I actually might have been wrong, you might not be able to close the dispute on your own. Maybe only arbitrator can do that.

I guess we will just have to wait for keo to respond.

Ok, thank you Alex

Please, please, please, somebody help me. I still have this trade and ticket stuck at Bisq. Since September 11th!!

As mentioned above, the arbitrator selected for this trade was @keo. He is away for the weekend, and won’t be able to respond before Monday.

ok, I will wait until monday

This is crazy. The trade has been stuck since September 11th? Seems i have the same arbitrator :frowning: So probably Monday for us as well.

Are there any arbitrator fail safes? How can another arbitrator take over if the assigned arbitrator does not respond for an extended period?

No, there really isn’t any other party that can get involved between traders. This is due to a design, but with some off chain trading it might be possible in future when the DAO gets released.

You should send @keo a PM so he sees it when he comes back.
You can also send him an email at stibor@protonmail.com

Ok, thank you

I do not see this dispute in my list of disputes. I can thus not do anything. This seems to be a bug.


Yes, not sure if there is a way for the trader to reopen a ticket, in case it doesn’t reach the arbitrator.
Maybe @ManfredKarrer knows some trick?

I will tell @ManfredKarrer

Yes you can just click cmd+o again to re-open a ticket if u think the msg did not arrive.

Now it is solved! Thank you so much Keo, Manfred, and everyone else who helped!