(resolved) Trade XKQFV resolved but funds not released

The trade XKQFV was stated as resolved by the arbitrator but he/she has not released the escrow funds yet. I am the BTC buyer in the trade. May I receive the funds please?
Arbitrator has address 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion:9999.


This is @cbeams
Have you made sure that funds really didn’t move from the multisig with a block explorer?
Just to be sure that your Bisq client is showing the wrong balance.

I just re-opened and re-closed the dispute in such a way to trigger the broadcast of the payout transaction from the buyer’s (@brnd’s) side. If I hadn’t done this, the payout tx would have been broadcasted when the seller next came online. The problem was that they hadn’t been online since I closed the dispute.

In any case, @brnd, you should now see that the payout is complete.

Thanks a lot!

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