[Resolved] Withdraw from multiple address

I did a withdraw from two bisq wallet, but the btc did not arrive

First bisq wallet: https://blockstream.info/address/1LdLFHzPF9vLGcaHk692PmLXn8bmsoXikA
Second bisq wallet: https://blockstream.info/address/17ZUxefRWLW4Tpa83QeaGoPrepQ8AwjQ3N

Withdraw to address: https://blockstream.info/address/339tcNdgoWpyckFDCKwk9sneL9d72iTheN

What are the transaction IDs?
If the transaction IDs are not indicated in your Bisq client it means the transaction did not send.
No worries. You will be able to recover your funds as Bisq allows you to maintain control of your private keys.

Resolved, deleting the SPV

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