Restore a corrupted wallet

If you get an UnreadableWalletException at startup the Bitsquare.wallet got corrupted.
That happens very rarely and luckily recovering is not too hard.

We use rolling backups, so at every start the wallet gets backed up with a timestamp up to 15 backups. The the oldest will be deleted.

So what you need to do in such a case is to look up for the last wallet which was ok.

First do a backup of the whole data directory, just in case.

You can find the data directory under those locations:
Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bitsquare
Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Bitsquare
Windows 7,8: C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bitsquare
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Bitsquare

You can find the Bitsquare.wallet file in the data directory inside the mainnet/bitcoin folder.

Further inside there is a mainnet/bitcoin/backup/backups_Bitsquare_wallet/ folder and there you find all backups. Sort by date and use the one with the date when the wallet was still ok.
Copy that to the mainnet/bitcoin folder, rename it to Bitsquare.wallet and start Bitsquare again.

You can check if the balance is correct by opening the emergency wallet too with cmd+e.
There you can see the total balance. Compare that with the sum of available balance + reserved balance. It must be the same, otherwise report it here.

Please be reminded that doing regular backups, writing down the wallet seed words and using a password to protect your wallet is highly recommended.
So far no bitcoin has ever been lost with Bitsquare, but if you lose your wallet (e.g. due a HD crash) and have no backup we could not help.


When I checked my funds it says .0419 btc. The transaction that did not deserialize completely was for .77 btc. So it is not all there.

If you have a trade open then it is locked in the trade. You can send me a screenshot as PM of the transactions screen and the balances, as well as the empty wallet tool. Then I get a better picture.

I have exactly that error and I could fix it, at least temporarily with the steps you described. But when I restart Bitsquare the issue reoccurs.
I also tried to restore the BloomFilterNonce matching the wallet Backup File but that didn’t do much of a change.

What shall I do, when there are open transactions?


The BloomFilterNonce is not very relevant. So you get the UnreadableWalletException again after u recovered form a backup? you can recover the wallet also from seed words. you need to resync as well and then restart. the spvwallet file can be deleted.

Finally I found the reason for those issues:!topic/bitcoinj/mhV9BvoSYMo

There will be an hot fix release in a few hours ( which resolves that issue.
No money is at risk, it is just that the current app cannot read the wallet when a transaction from a Bictoin Core 14 node enters you wallet. With the release you can read the wallet again.

I guess I’m the first at loosing .04 btc my bad I didn’t backup before ubuntu crashed ,just being lazy cost me some but not like butterfly labs 11000 btc

Maybe u can recover the data? Sorry to hear that.

You might want to use something like in the future after a system crash, just googled around to find it. There are certainly more programs for data recovery that you can run now, since even if you formated the drive since then, the data is still there if it wasn’t overwritten, just marked as free space. You should try to find a program for such purposes and try to find your wallet file, the effort is worth the possible reward in my opinion.

that was all my fault of coarse I will miss them little babies,maybe if those are worth more in the future I could get the hard drive opened up.I have had thousands of bitcoins flow those are the only ones I ever lost.I will live and yes I am the first :wink:

Well better not to use the drive anymore then, so you don’t overwrite it. :slight_smile:

Because of a system crash and paranoia plus forgetfulness my part ,all was lost ,I used testdisk deep search ,nothing :persevere:.I simpley forgot that one new dang back up ,bitsqure.Its ok I guess ,even John McAfee has lost bitcoin,though his loss of thousands was to hackers.

McAffee got hacked? Does he use his AV products? :wink:

Sorry to hear that mcjero. That is the power we hold in our hands now, the complete control of our money, it has it’s drawbacks, but I think it is worth it :slight_smile: I hope you don’t regret it too badly in the end, you can always buy some more.

Who knows, maybe even Satoshi himself lost a few (million?). Last I heard, his coins never moved.

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No worries :grin:

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I’m accuall happy it happened with such a small amount and it wont happen again!.CAUTION to all ,it Is a hard lesson learned on backing up a securing wallets ; tell others about the John McAfee solution.Is there a blockchain that isn’t vulnerable to loss or stolen wallets?

Well it wouldn’t be much of a blockchain then. Reversible blockchain is a useless blockchain.

Ethereum might make a harfork if you are relevant enough for them :wink:

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We will try to make seed words backup check enforced. Hope u can recover the loss by some good trades!

“Dear Vitalik, I am a 8 year old girl living in Kenya…very poor…hard life…bad luck…Eth coin sent to me by cousin, stolen by evil persons…please roll-back?”