Restore wallet form seed with bisq seem do not work

also, i cant find bip44 word list.

@hqroq I just managed to recover my own seed with one word taken out with the pybitcointools package! Even though my script is a performance nightmare, it didn’t actually take that long to find the missing word!

I uploaded the script to pastebin:
You need to get pybitcointools from here:

  • Place the cryptos directory from pybitcointools next to the script.
  • Open the script in a text editor and edit the KNOWN_ADDRESSES list to contain your address(es) and the POSSIBLE_MISSING_WORD_POSITIONS list (1=The missing word is the first one … 12=The missing word is the last one).
  • Run the script with your 11 known words as arguments
  • Wait a few seconds for the script to find your seed

You should make sure that the script invocation doesn’t stay in your bash history. Or even better, do export HISTCONTROL=ignorespace before you call the script and put a space in front of the script invocation. Then it won’t even be inserted into the command history.

Thank a lot ! I’m testing this soon and I’ll let you know.

Hey. Sorry, I was off for a couple of days.

Please, let me know if python tools worked for you. Unfortunately, my method doesn’t work from browser anymore, but I can send you instructions for running it with node.js and npm

It just came to my mind that the pastebin link in my last reply expired. I updated the link now and set the expiry to 2 weeks this time.