Restored wallet on new computer but zero balance


I’ve had a sudden problem on my mac so I had to move the account on my PC, without being able to move the backup file from Application Support/Bittrex. I restored using seed + date, the account works, I can see some of the transactions history but my balance is zero. Also, I was in the middle of a trade - which means I already put deposit and money was taken from bank account - but it disappeared together with time left to complete the transaction.

What should I do? How could I even call for arbitration if the bitcoin I bought won’t arrive, since the trade is not recorded?

I tried to launch and close the program several times.

Thank you in advance!!

Update: in this moment I received the money from the trade I was completing, so no need for arbitration! :slight_smile: But still, I cannot send these money cause the account displays zero balance. What to do?

You can try accessing the emergency wallet by pressing cmd+e. You might be able to figure out a solution to your problem that way. As long as long as you have the seed words and date or the wallet with it’s private keys, there is nothing to be very worried about, it can just be inconvenient.

Thank you for the tip, alexej996. I try to send funds to another address but it asks me to input the password. It is weird, because I haven’t set a password (though I had set it in on the previous device) and anyhow it does not recognize it. When I try to set a new password it yields me “Error: key chain is already encrypted”

I thought of restoring the wallet again from seed. Do you think it will cause problems of overwriting?

You need the complete data directory! The wallet alone is not sufficient (you can get out your funds with that but not continue a trade). Just move over the full data directory and all should be the same.

I know, but I have lost my data directory from the previous computer! Can I uninstall and reinstall Bisq on this new machine and see if the password error goes away, or is it risky for some reason?

You can install the old verison and import the seed words and send out the funds with cmd+e.