Restoring bisq wallet with seed, password & start date only?

Hi. My computer crashed suddenly last night & I had to get a new one. I have my Bisq wallet seed, password, and date I started trading. I do not have the backup as the old hard drive is completely dead. I have one dispute active and am waiting on a trade (2 TX’s). I started trading using Bisq only a month ago. I downloaded Bisq to my new computer but I don’t see any way to restore my old wallet. I finally “restored” my wallet but see only the “receive funds” and “transactions,” not the trades or disputes. I traded with USPS money orders. How can I get the BTC I’ve already paid for and can prove I’ve paid for? The other parties should have sent the BTC to my now restored wallet, no? Thx…

Hi @wandering ,
afaik this is normal. Restoring the wallet means only restoring the wallet.
Portfolio (offers, trades, history) and disputes are other data.
(as a general tip, making backups also on a USB key is a (cheap and) good practice).
Do you know if your trade delay is expired now or not ?
Do you remember the arbitrator’s onion for this trade ?

Hi, Homard. Thanks for replying. I am new to crypto. I thought all I needed was the wallet’s seed, the date I opened it, and my password. I don’t remember the arbitrator’s onion address. But the wallet has all the receive/send addresses for the trades and I have the info of the people I’ve traded with and the receipts. Going forward I’ll make backups on a USB key as you suggest. The trade in dispute was still open last night. It’s been weeks but the other party says they haven’t received the USDs. And there’s a new trade from Monday the 20th I’m waiting on. Is there any way for me to get these from the info I have?

For the trade in dispute, it’s the arbitrator who will decide. This are Bisq’s rules. If you have all the proofs etc there is no a priori reason to be anxious.
For the trade from the 20th, I guess you’ll also have to rely on the arbitrator.

I strongly suggest you don’t initiate any new trade before those 2 trades are well terminated. This could only add confusion.

If there are issues with joining the concerned arbitrator(s), you can also use the forum to make the contact.

imo your issues have to be solved with the arbitrators.

If you know trade ID that is enough to find your arbitrator and let him know about the issue here.

What is your trade ID for your open trades and a disputed one?
Trade ID is used as a payment reason for fiat trades, so you might able to find it that way.

@Homrad Thanks. I’ll try to find the arbitrators and won’t start any new trades until these two are settled. Really appreciate your help.

@alexej996 Yes, I have the trade ID’s:

Dispute trade: H4AJZUH
Open trade: 32054

Can I find the arbitrators here on the Bisq community? (Thanks for any input.)

A question, @alexej996. I provided the trade ID’s to @keo but he said he can’t see the trades and can’t do anything. How can I find the arbitrators by the trade ID’s?

Currently there are only 2 arbitrators in Bisq, so if it is not keo’s trade you should contact @Arbitrator2 and tell him your trade ID.

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@alexej996 Thanks. I’ll do that.