Restoring from Seed

I restored my wallet from the seed in another computer but my balance didn’t show up: only my transactions did.

If you want to move your Bitsquare app to another computer, you need to backup the data dir first (Account/Backup) and then use that backup and copy it to the other computer (same location).
The wallet seed is only for recovering the wallet but u don’t get the other relevant app data.
Take care to not use Bitsquare parallel on 2 computers! You would get an inconsistant state if you use Bitsquare once on computer1 and then on computer 2 and then back on computer1…

Thanks for warning as this is precisely what I was planning to do. Will this parallel use be possible in the future?

It would require a syncing of the data directory. Dropbox or the like would basically work but is of course too unsafe. It should be possible to find a good solution for such use cases. But I cannot guarantee when we will have time to work on that. But I agree it would be a good feature!

In my original computer, every time I reopen the client, it tells me I didn’t confirm the payment, which I did. Also, it only updates the “Remaining time” when I reopen the client. Perhaps my attempt to restoring my wallet in another computer had some adverse effects on my trade?

If you only restored the wallet and did not copy over the data and did nto do any btc tx then it should not have any influence.

I only tried to restore the seed (I didn’t have the backup then), and I didn’t make any additional transactions. Should it ask me to reconfirm the payment every time I reopen the client?

Ah, I thanks you remember me on a open issue. You can re-confirm, it just sends again the same msg. Need to fix that for the next version…

OK, then my trade should be fine. Thanks.