Restoring wallet from backup without seed


I had a problem with Bisq where I was not able to use for offers the full Available Balance displayed in the software. Manfred told me to send all the coins out of the wallet, which I did – and the unusable BTC amount did NOT output from the wallet. So it’s maybe stuck in an address in the wallet or something.

Manfred said to refresh the data directory, but didn’t mention I would need the backup seeds to restore the wallet after this procedure. Unfortunately, I did not record the backup seeds before deleting the data directory.

I do have a full backup of my data directory however. Is it possible to restore my old wallet to recover my missing BTC without the recovery seed, or do I need to revert my whole computer to my last backup?

So you deleted the data directory? The backup is a copy of the data directory so you just can replace the new one with the backup. I assume you have not done anything so far (not funded, no offers,…). Otherwise it requires a bit extra steps. But no worry if you have the backup all is there.

Thank you so much for your reply. I guess I got confused before, bc restoring the data dir to get the old seed makes perfect sense!

I restored my wallet by temporarily restoring the data dir. The wallet then took a little while to sync all the addresses. Unfortunately, the balance displays zero.

I made meticulous records of all the accounting from Bisq, and my records ALSO show the BTC amount that was previously displayed in the Available Balance but not lockable in offers should be in the wallet’s addresses.

Do you have any idea what my next step is? I find it highly unlikely that Bisq simply had a bug displaying too high of an Available Balance before, since my accounting records kept outside Bisq also show that there should be this extra BTC still available.

If you are convinced that Bisq is not displaying the right balance and you can’t send your funds even with the emergency wallet tool, you can always export your private keys by removing the password from wallet, restarting the app and pressing alt+j.
But that shouldn’t be necessary if you can send your BTC from Bisq, instead of importing the keys in the external wallet.

Thanks @alexej996. I’m going to pore over my records more carefully. I already sent all the bitcoin out of the Bisq wallet, but I had to reset the SPV cache because I set too low of a fee the first time. When I resynced the SPV, I think the difference came back. So perhaps I actually did make an accounting error after all…

Let’s mark this one up to “Manfred saves the day again” for now. Thank you so much Bisq team for your amazing project. Bisq+Lightning is gonna be incredible! Gonna stack my BSQ!!

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