Restoring Wallet from Seed

I’m trying to restore my wallet from the seed but even after I enter the seed and creation date, the restore button won’t enable.

You need to use the creation date of the wallet you want to restore on. I know that is a bit counter-intuitive but a requirement from the bitcoinj library.
You can try out a few dates if you are not sure, when u select the right date the button becomes active.

Thanks, it worked. It is indeed counter-intuitive, so I suggest you warn about that on the form.

I just improved the wording: Cration date is mis leading, I just call it wallet date.
I wanted to remove it already but bitcoinJ requires the date.

I am facing the same issue. Selected right date and it says wallet date, but the restore button is disabled!

Hm, can u just try a day before and after? maybe its a timezone issue (if you changed timezone).

i did changing back and forth in fact, but it was sharp on 12th at EST. Where do I specify timezone?

Just use the 11, 12, and 13th and see which works…

restoring feature doesn’t work . I tried all that. I was testing out before storing some good amount in my wallet

I just restored my wallet from the seed and date of the same wallet. After pasting the date I had to click somewhere else in the canvas to enable the restore button. Mind that the restored wallet has a new date, which you must use in the next restore.

Is there any other possibility out of Bitsquare to restore Bitsquare’s seed? For example, I’m thinking about an external wallet like electrum.

Multibit is a bitcoinj wallet which should work, I guess.

Howerver, I have neither tried nor really know it.

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