“Restoring your wallet from seed”: sad story

Hello everyone,

Recently, I lost all the data from a whole SSD (Ubuntu). There was a Bisq inside, containing an old small BTC value. But it was impossible for me to recover the Bisq folder (/home/username/.local/share/Bisq) from some backup I did not locate.

So I tried to restore my wallet from seed (I had kept the seed!…) into a standard Electrum. I strictly followed the recovery instructions in that case. Well… I recovered exactly 0 (zero) BTC using that method. Why ?

Fortunately, I was eventually lucky enough to find a backup of the original Bisq folder (that I had forgotten). I followed the standard procedure and I recovered my small BTC funds.

But I am still curious: WHY did the recovery from seed fail miserably ?

Thanks in advance for any explanation !

Hi, I’m glad it was not really a sad story.
Bisq derivation path is not standard to make it harder for newbies to use Bisq and an external wallet in parallel, which would cause Bisq wallet to get corrupted. Here is the derivation path you should use for an external wallet like Electrum: Wallet - Bisq Wiki

In those emergency cases where data backup is also lost, it’s preferred to start a new Bisq instance and import there the seed.

Thanks for your reply !