Return Deposit

I put up a deposit of 0.01 BTC for transaction 27795-4cca647e-f76e-42e9-ba61-a566ad968167-080. This transaction went into dispute by seller. The seller refused payment and sent the money back to me by way of check by mail. So why did seller recieve my BTC deposit of 0.01 when he did not pay for it and he return funds back to me? Seems he got free Bitcoin.

The arbitrator is 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999

That’s @keo

The deposit is incase I didn’t pay but I did pay and the seller refunded the money. So why did you give him my deposit as if I didn’t pay?

Are you sure that the dispute was properly closed and deposits really did go the other trader.

If the dispute is closed, then arbitrators usually state a reason and explanation. You can copy it here if you want us all to look into it.

The address that it went to was the seller and my balance did not increase.

What did the arbitrator say during a dispute?

Ticket closed on Nov 21, 2018 2:59:52 PM

BTC buyer/Taker delivered tamper proof evidence: No
BTC buyer/Taker did ID verification: No
BTC buyer/Taker did screencast or video: No
Payout amount for BTC buyer: 0.00 BTC
Payout amount for BTC seller: 0.0443 BTC

Summary notes:
Seller returned money with a check since the buyer did not pay via cash deposit. Check probably took a long time to arrive and buyer stopped responding to my messages. Seller showed evidence that the check has been paid out.

Now if you look at the sellers BTC address you will see the seller recieved 0.0443 + 0.01 BTC for a total of 0.0543

If you didn’t pay with the specified payment method in the max trade period, that is a violation of the protocol which is maybe the reason you lost your security deposit.

Security deposits are awarded to the other trader for their troubles if the other trader doesn’t follow the trading protocol.

Not sure how these sums are calculated and if arbitrator included those 0.01 BTC in the report or did he left it assumed since your deposit can’t go to anyone other then the other trader.

The seller just emailed me and said he got my 0.01 BTC deposit because I didn’t respond in time to the arbitrator and not because I used the wrong payment method. Traveling during the Thanksgiving holidays, too busy to log in to Bisq. But that shouldn’t be a reason to loose my deposit. I still have not heard from the arbitrator himself.

The protocol says you have to respond to my requests and messages within two days. To not do so wastes both time and money (due to volatility of btc and fiat) and that’s why you lost your deposit. If a trader announces that he will be away from keyboard I am usually tolerant.

WOW! You sound like a real asshole

The price did drop a lot at that time during that dispute, from $5500 on 19th to $4500 on 21st.
Seller had those BTC locked up while the price fell, even though he didn’t break the trading protocol, so he deserves something for his troubles.

I assume it is both long time to respond and not following the protocol that made arbitrator decide on your case in such a way. They are often quite understanding and they don’t get nothing out of giving one trader’s deposit to the other.

We can assume the seller would be quite mad if he didn’t get something for his troubles here.