Revolut account suspended - I´m in trade

Hi I´ve opened trade as a maker, offer has been accepted, but when I wanted to pay via revolut. I found our that they has suspended my account. Now I´m not able to use revolut as a payment method. Any adviceses/solutions. As I want to finish trade. I have another sepa account. And I don´t know for how long will be my Rev. acount suspended, as they don´t tell it.

Communicated with trader?

Yes I wrote him. But at this moment our trade is in mediation process. I offered usage of my wife´s revolut account for payment. So I will see how mediator see this case. And how we can proceed further.

that was the correct decision, in case the peer is understanding you could even complete the trade without any penalties

thank you. Midaotor also agreed with this proposal, so now it is up seller, if he agrees we should finalize trade with both sides satisfied.