Revolut frozen

My revo account is like 3+ years old
Sold btc on bisq like ~40 times on 27 and 28 sept, sum like 15k - all ok
did one more sell trade on 5 oct, sum was like 100 euros - account frozen 24 hours later, 200 euros stuck on Revolut now. Revo still say nothing meaningful

I think the last trade was stolen revo account, but bisq says “Payment account created 102 days ago”, does that mean anything?
Any suggestions?

Hi might bot be the last trade.

Revolut might have looked at the pattern of trades over time.

They might not even think it is to do with Bitcoin, they might just not like the 40 transfers you have received from other people.

My suggestion would be to contact Revolut and see if the account can be unfrozen. If it cannot you should be able to spend the balance on the card. Once spent close the account.

If you want a Revolut account you could wait a few months and try your luck by reapplying.

Revolut is not a good solution for long term trading on Bisq. Lots of accounts do get banned eventually, which is a shame as it is a good multicurrency instant payment solution.