Revolut marked as paid, but dd not receive anything

What is the protocol for Revolut transfers?
Revolut transfers arrive immediately and my buyer marked the payment as paid
but I did not receive any funds from him.

Should I wait until open the dispute or can I just open a dispute right away?

I’d wait for the end of the trade period.
Also how do you find Revolut so far? I’ve been looking for a payment method to use for trades in Europe but I’ve been seeing loads of criticism of it.

I used revolut many times and it was for me always the fastest option to receive or sell BTC because money can be send instantly. This is unfortunately the first time I am havng a problem with this.

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Yeah, I would wait also if I was you, just in case.

This issue is not related.

As my buyer marked as paid and we didn’t use email for revolut payments but phonenumbers. With phonenumbers you can just easily transfer like a SEPA transfer without having to send any payment links as with emails.

He just has to send the money to my phonenumber and I’ll receive it instantly.

I’ll wait and open a dispute then. Thanks

Ok it turns out the problem is related indeedn.
Why do people send links via SMS? When I use my phonenumber in my bisq Revolut trade people can send the money directy and there is no need for links.

Would really appreciate if this could be made clear somehow for traders, so they dont have to send links through SMS.

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