Revolut payment details are missing from an open trade

Hi, I’ve entered into a trade to buy BTC via Revolut. The deposit has been paid and 6 confirmations have been reached. However the payment details are incomplete. The Revolut user ID field is missing, so I’m unable to make the payment and complete the trade. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a known issue?
I’m using bisq v1.7.2

No, I haven’t seen this before. Open mediation with ctrl+O.
Maybe is this issue is related to Users using Tor V2 are unable make or take offers

Yes, this is a known issue.

Please can you contact me on Keybase and send your logs.

My username on Keybase is: pazza

With regards your trade please open mediation by Selecting the trade and clicking: ‘Ctrl + o’ or ‘alt + o’ or ‘cmd + o’

Your mediator will then be able to guide you as to what the next steps are.