Revolut phone number does not exist

My offer to buy bitcoins by Revolut has been accepted.
When I sent the money I realized that the phone number shown in the trade is not a phone number registered on Revolut.
In fact, unlike usual, Revolut created a link to send by sms.
I sent the link by sms to the number indicated in the trade and clicked on “Payment started”, but then, I had a doubt and canceled. Then I contacted the seller by the chat and I wrote him:
“Hi! Are you sure your phone number is correct?
I don’t see it in Revolut registered numbers.
Did you register with the email address?
To be on the safe side, I canceled the transfer.
I’m waiting for your answer to send it to you again.”

Right now I’m waiting for his answer.

What should I do? Should I contact a arbitrator or moderator?
And if the seller send me a different phone number in chat, should I send the money to this new number?

Thanks for your help.

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If the information provided on the payment account is not right, you should not send the payment.
Click your trade at open trades and open mediation with ctrl+o or cmd+o

In the end, the trade was successful.
I agreed chatting with the seller for a test: I would have sent him 1 € and, in a successful case, I would then have sent him the remaining amount.
Strangely, after the first successful sending with the link by sms, in the second sending the number appeared among those phone registered numbers on Revolut…

All’s well that ends well.

I have the same experience. Both phone numbers apparently registered in Bisq, but no direct payment possible. Revolut offers the payment link instead.

I think that you need to add the phone number to the phone contact address to allow, there’s been some changes on how Revolut works, and there’s more coming (possibility to send only with Revolut alias and change of aliases).

The trick is that BOTH parties have to add number of counterparty in contacts.
This should be mentioned in Bisq help. Since it is not obvious and many trades would be cancelled due to this issue.

Yes it is. After my counterpart added my phone number in his contacts, I was able to see his name in my Revolut contacts and make the direct payment.

I was solving it with Revolut support and a problem was old version of Revolut app. After the app update, I was able to send funds directly.
It may help someone