Revolut rejects payment (username only)


I’ve accepted to buy BTC with Euro with Revolut payment method. Bisq shows my counterparts username only (no phone number).

I’m able to find him in my Revolut app and seems legit, but every time I try to send the payment, Revolut rejects:

“We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”

Any suggestions on how to proceed with the trade?


P.S.: back when Bisq was showing the user’s phone number, it was necessary to add his number to the local phone book, before it was possible to find him as valid Revolut user. But with username only, I have no idea how to work around this. I can’t even add him as “payee”, as this requires either an email or phone number :confused:

Problem solved!

It seems to be a bug in the current Revolut app version 7.27 that is shipped in the PlayStore. I’ve also tried 7.28.2 (4th December 2020) with no luck.

But once I downgraded to 7.24.1 (got it from I was able to send the payment with just the username and nothing else :slight_smile:

Hope this info is helpful for others who run into this problem … and hopefully the Revolut devs get this sorted soon!