Risks if disconnect during trade

Hello everybody, esp. to the devs:
What is the actual risk / worst case when losing connection while having an open trade?
If I got it correctly, my computer with Bisq must be running all the time while the trade is pending, right?
This would mean if using a SEPA my PC might have to run full-time for multiple days.
Is this correct?
And what happens if the connection (mine or the trader’s) goes down temporarily?
Thank you in advance!

No, just to keep your offers online in the offerbook. You should still check the status reguarly and act quickly when action is required.

No, see above.

No problem.

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Ahh okay! That’s nice.
How much time does one have to “act quickly”?

So basically once someone accepts my offer I don’t have to be online all the time, it’s just enough to go pay at the bank and check Bisq a few times a day to see if the BTC have arrived, right?
(I want to buy BTC with SEPA)
Also, do I have to confirm that the BTC have arrived for the seller (and me) to have our security deposits unlocked / paid back again or does it occur automatically together with the actual BTC tx once he says the money has arrived?

You just need to act quickly enough that the max trade period doesn’t run out for your trade.

Correct. :slight_smile:

When you confirm that you started the payment you just need to wait for the confirmation and after that trade will be completed and you will need to choose will you send your BTC to Bisq or external wallet.

You can see a very nice tutorial on how to buy BTC with EUR in Bisq

Yeah, that’s fine :+1:
IIRC, that was more than a few hours so I could have my offer up online over night(?)

Okay, perfect! So I get to choose where to have the BTC sent to?
I’ll be happy to watch the video later.

Yeah, definitely you should leave your offer up over night. Trade periods are counted in days.

Yeah, you can choose after the trade is finished, but you can always withdraw your bitcoins from your Bisq internal wallet later as well.

That’s cool!

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