Running Bisq in Ubuntu / Windows 7

Greetings all,

I downloaded and installed Bisq to my Xubuntu 16.04 32 bit desktop, but when I click on the icon to run it, nothing happens. Task Manager shows that it’s not loaded in memory. TOR runs fine. I did delete it and reinstalled it.

I also installed Bisq on Windows 7 32bit, running in VirtualBox, but all I see is the
Bisq initializing screen.

When I click the button to change the TOR Network settings, I’ve tried all options available, i.e., No bridge, recommended bridge, and the generated bridges, but still nothing happens. TOR runs fine in Windows 7 as well.

Don’t know what else to try

Try to restart the computer. Might be a locked file…

Thank you. I downloaded and installed Linux Mint 64 bit, and installed Bisq. It ran without any problems.

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