Running bisq on 2 computers (NOT migrating)

I use bisq on my desktop PC but spend long periods away so would like to be able use it as well on my laptop.

What should I do?

  • Is there any way to have the same bisq account on 2 computers and use it alternatingly? I don’t go as far as requiring open offers to synch between both computers but it would be nice to share the same wallet and data. Is it advisable?
  • Should I instead create a second (different) account on my laptop?

Thank you.

Yes you can simply create a backup at account/backup and then use that as data directory on the other computer. Make sure to not use the previous version afterwards as otherwise the data would get out of sync and the app becomes buggy. so if u want to go back copy over data directory or new backup to the new computer again.

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If i understood you correctly, i should backup/copy the data folder every time i switch between computers?
But if I want to switch frequently between computers i guess this becomes a bit inconvenient… would you advise to have 2 different accounts, in that case?

Yes if you switch frequently thats is cumbersome. then its better to just use 2 different instances.