Security deposit and compensation in worst case scenario

Please can someone help me clarify what will happen in the following or a similar scenario:

Suppose I take an offer to buy 0.01 BTC, and 15% of this amount is also used as my security deposit, while another 15% is locked as the seller’s deposit.
So there’s a security deposit containing 30% of the trade’s total amount.

Now suppose I transfer the fiat amount corresponding to that 0.01 BTC, but the seller decides to keep the money and walk away without sending me the BTC (he doesn’t care if he’s identified as a scammer, he won’t use BISQ again, or maybe he’s planning to come back later with a new account).

A mediator (arbitrator?) then decides to give me 100% of the security deposit, i.e. 30% of the total amount I paid in fiat. Which means that in the end I’ve lost 70% of my money anyway.

Is this correct or have I misunderstood everything?

sellers will lock full trade amount + security deposit, so in this case 0.0115btc; seller doing that will lose 0.0015btc as penalty on top of the 0.01 which is yours as normal trade outcome


Thanks that’s good to know. I hadn’t realize the seller’s trade amount is also locked