Security Deposit and KYC

Hey guys,
first of all, thanks for the nice work on bisq!
I would like to switch from a KYC exchange to bisq. Now I am faced with the decision of how to make my security deposit. Therefore the question: Can a security deposit from a KYC platform be linked to later purchases/transactions on bisq? I think it would be best to start again “from scratch”. However, it would still be good to know. Thanks!

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Hi @faked welcome to Bisq.

You need about 0.003 - 0.007 BTC to start trading on Bisq for the security deposit.

It is good practice to use non KYC funds for this.

You can get your first non KYC BTC here: Getting your first BTC - Bisq Wiki

Alternatively you might be able to buy some off a friend, Bitcoin ATM, Bitcoin gift card etc.

I would recommend keeping your BTC purchased on Bisq separate from any BTC you purchase from a KYC source.

Don’t send KYC BTC to Bisq and do not send non KYC BTC to a KYC exchange.

As a last resort, you can coinjoin your KYC coins to do the first security deposit on Bisq, but only do this if you don’t plan to use CEXes ever again, as those are known to discriminate against coinjoinining, even if you do it on coins you purchased from them and won’t send to them again

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