Security deposit not refunded

Hi there, I’ve successfully completed 3 trades so far but the security deposit of any of them has been refunded. What shall I do to get my deposit back? Thanks

I think you didn’t realize that the deposit has been in fact refunded, it’s just consolidated with the trade amount payout. If you bought btc (as I think you did) you will see that the trade payout transactions’ amounts were equal to trade amount + deposit

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Thanks [w000000t], you are right, and actually, this opened my eyes…
I read (too late…) your article " [Privacy on Bisq explained] and realized I started with the wrong foot. I funded my account with some coins I bought from KYC exchanges. After, I transfer them to a cold wallet. What is the best thing to do now? Shall I conjoin them and resell it again on Bisq? I want to start from scratch again doing it in the right way. Thanks for your support!

Now that you used that utxo… probably conjoining won’t be so much effective.
Since addresses on Bisq are never reused, you can fund your wallet with no KYC coins and continue using it normally.
Coinjoining utxo’s from exchanges could lead you to be banned by the exchange for being “suspicious” to them, be glad you now know better to ever use a CEX again :slight_smile: