Security deposit transaction after 40 hours still unconfirmed


Concern trade ID pUJ9BT.
Still unconfirmed on the blockchain.
Trade date: 18 Jun 2022 22:56:57
Trading peers onion address: iihiiah2d6lnolfigtejqw6yhvp7e63463wwnwuzr6rrjrgjub6q7wid.onion:9999


the transaction appears to not have been broadcasted at all, in which case you shouldn’t have lost any funds, and trade should be considered as failed, you can verify in funds > transactions if any funds left your wallet (if you paid trade fee with BSQ check in DAO > BSQ wallet > transactions)

Indeed, i didn’t lose any funds. What to do next?

if you are able to move the trade to failed ones, do so, otherwise if that is the only open offer you have, close bisq and delete/rename the file btc_mainnet/db/OpenOffers and restart bisq, that one should be gone