Seed word can be seen after enter password

I am new. Just trying to setup my account. I feel there is no point to store and keep the seed words because it can be seen after enter the password. Any comment ?

How do you restore if you lost computer and had no backup?

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Thanks for the answer. i have another question, Will my account still secure if someone know my password ? Cause many cypto platforms offer 2 steps verification.

It won’t be if they also have an access to your wallet, which is currently on your PC or your seed words.
2 step verification doesn’t exist on Bisq as you have the whole control of your coins, it is just like any other local wallet.

I find myself as @brandon888. In others Vallets (as Electrum e.g) you see the seed words in a first moment and you write them in a paper out of the vallet. Never again are they in sight of anyone.
It is rare to touch the tab at any time and see the 12 words appear there. It is somewhat vulnerable to my understanding.

@shrike says: How do you restore if you lost computer and had no backup?
The restore should be made in a new instalation of Bisq with the 12 words -that you wrote in a SAFE paper- and the keyword (in my humble opinion). For me is also strange see the 12 words constantly.
A spy screen could see those words, and a keyboard grabber could grab my keyword.

Anyway, I’m new to the program. Maybe I’m missing something

Sorry, I just found out.
Activating Vallet password protection will hide the 12 seed words.

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