Segragating trades and wallets

i trade through two different companies and I must keep everything separate. So I opened a second national account for the second company but I do not see a second wallet. when I want to do a listing it only offers me to pay the security fee with the wallet from the first company or a third party wallet. I guess I can get a third party (non-Bisque) wallet but when the trade is completed will it go into my bisque wallet or will it give me the option to put it into the third party wallet.? I need to ensure that there is a trail that does not look like the funds from the two companies are intermingled…How do you suggest I go about doing this?

There is only one BTC wallet. If you want to trade with different identities and keep those separated you can run Bisq with a program argument (e.g. --appName=Bisq2) then a second application directory will get created and all is separated.

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I am running windows 7 home. How do I run bisq with the program argument? ( am not a programmer)

I figured out how to bring up the command prompt window… But when I type in “Bisque2.exe” it send back a message saying 'bisq2.exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file…

bisq.exe --appName=Bisq2

Hello Shrike. Thank you for your response however I get the same back saying: “bisq.exe–appName=Bisq2 is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file…”

any ideas?

You need a space between bisq.exe and -appName=Bisq2. Also not sure if its not uppercase Bisq.exe. Try both…

You need to be in the appropriate directory where Bisq executable is.

You can change the directory in cmd by using a command “cd” (change directory).
You just type “cd C:\Users\your_username\Desktop” if the executable you are running is in Desktop.
Then you type the name of the program as said above with the arguments.

You can use tab in the command line to help you to autocomplete your commands sometimes.

You can also setup arguments by changing the shortcut properties and you can watch some video on Youtube to see how people use a command line or add arguments by changing shortcuts.