Selected bank account does not stick

Hello, i have been buying coins via bisq, always had 2 different bank accounts registered in the app.
Now i noticed that my chosen bank account will be overwritten with the other bank account present. Is this a known glitch? Or if not, how to fix it?


No, it seems like a rare bug, but I can’t be sure.

You can move to a new data directory if you can’t seem to fix it.
Maybe look at the logs before you do that, just in case there is something interesting.

@admin461 ,
which Bisq version do you use ? v0.9.1 or some older version ?

LATEST version 0.9.1
i will delete all accounts an enter them again, let’s see if this fixes the problem.
what does ‘delete SPV file and resync’ do? Any good for this kind of problem?

I’m afraid it won’t help in your (rare) case.
Deleting SPV file is a small thing with a fresh wallet, but with an old wallet it can take hours (with high CPU).

You can follow Alexej’s tip.
But don’t forget to make all necessary saves before.

You can also just try deleting your accounts first. If this is enough, then that’s nice.

Did you have a look at your logs. This could help to find what happened.

Yeah, I’m afraid deleting SPV chain file won’t do much good here.

It is useful when the wallet experiences issues, otherwise not so much.