Selecting Trading Account BUG?

Hope all is well.
Sometimes I’m able to select my trading account as a buyer and sometimes not, why?
It’s a bug or something?

It’s difficult to say without more details but it may be due to the trading amount. Do both of your Zelle accounts (I assume) have the same age?

Yes, all of them I have trade limit of 0.25(max). It really doesn’t make any sense. Seems like a bug I can take any other offer and select my trading account. The first one(cheapest) I can’t. No matter the trade amount…

To clarify:

  1. You have at least two Zelle accounts
  2. Both of them have aged enough to accept trades at the max. limit

If so report this issue on

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I have 5 Zelle accounts and all of them have age enough to accept trade @ max(0.25 BTC). It seems to be a bug. I will report to github. Just wanna make sure here. Thanks.