Self-signed accounts

Sorry guys, reading this page of the Wiki I realized that, after you have signed the first account, all your other accounts with the same name as the owner, would be automatically signed.
I recently signed my first account, but it seems all my other accounts have remained not signed.
I also tried to delete and recreate them, because in the Wiki it says that only from that moment on they would have self-signed, but it did not happen. What am I missing?

You probably need to wait 30 days until your signed account is able to sign other accounts.

Ah ok, thanks! Then I guess it will take less time to sign them by hand one by one :sweat_smile:

You can check in the accounts screen. Click on the accounts and see if they have been signed and are just waiting for the 30 days to complete.

The name needs to be identical for this to work.

The signed account is actually signed and there is a day timer to increase the limits. While the other accounts (which also have the exact same name as the account holder) simply report “not signed yet”.

So when the timer of your signed account arrives to 30 days, it should sign your other accounts (might be necessary to restart Bisq).

Ok, thank you very much!!