Seller asking for a modified "Reason of payment"


As soon as my buy offer got accepted the seller sends me a message asking to send the money (SEPA) with a modified “Reason of payment” (that INCLUDES de tradeID). The reason he gives is obscure (“my bank has started the war against bitcoin traders”) and doesn’t make much sense to me so I find it suspicious. May I be in trouble if I send a “Reason of payment” that’s not strictly and only the tradeID and he opens a dispute afterwards?

I told him I won’t send any other text unless a mediator tells me that’s fine. But I want to clarify that his proposed text clearly INCLUDES the tradeID, so apparently there should be no problem but I see no real reason to include anything that’s not only the tradeID.

Thank you.

If this seller has a reason to suspect that he will get into trouble following the protocol, he should open a proposal or a post signaling that, not demand special requirements to buyers once a trade has started.

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