Seller cannot receive ClearXchange payment

A seller agreed to sell me BTC using the payment method ClearXchange on Bitsquare. After the blockchain confirmation I got his ClearXchange info but when I try to send the seller the money on ClearXchange it says “Sorry, at this time, this recipient’s bank does not enable its customers to receive person-to-person payments from the clearXchange service. You can add a different recipient, or select Cancel to return to the prior screen.” Any ideas what I should do?

I assume you opened a dispute and we closed that already. Otherwise open a dispute with cmd+o or ctrl+o.

I am encountering the same issue. Do I just open the dispute now or do I need to wait the 4 days for the trade period to end? Will the resolution end in me losing my security deposit or the seller?

You can open the dispute right away. Please be patient as it’s holiday season.