Seller has not sent BTC

what is process to move this along?

seller takes the offer and then bails—there should be option to cancel transaction if seller doesn’t send BTC promptly

trade 162734

Can you clarify this? In Bisq everything is traded against BTC and the BTC is locked up in multisig automatically the moment the trade is taken so you shouldn’t be waiting on the seller to send the BTC. You should be waiting for a BTC conf / step 2 in the trade and then sending whatever altcoin / fiat.

yeah that is what i thought, but didn’t know if that was still the case with all the changes going on

seller accepted offer but BTC is not transferring----software issue?

When you say BTC is not transferring what you do mean?

  1. If it’s “waiting on blockchain confirmation” then it could be the fees were too low and you just have to wait longer until it’s confirmed. (you might want to click on the TXNID to make sure it’s on a bitcoin explorer)

  2. If you have paid the fiat / altcoin to the traders address but you haven’t got your BTC you need to wait for them to confirm they’ve received it then you’ll receive your BTC.

  3. If you mean you don’t see the BTC in your wallet yet and you haven’t paid, that’s of course normal, if you had the BTC in your wallet you could just run off and not pay

seller accepted offer and it normally goes to “waiting on blockchain confirmation” but that step is not happening

The process is automatic between both BSQ clients. If it hasn’t gone to “waiting for blockchain confirmation” it means the trade has failed (this is a bug in Bisq that happens sometimes). You can try restarting your Bisq, sometimes it comes good after a restart but if that does’t help you’ll need to highlight that trade and press ctrl + o to open a mediation and explain what happened.

thanks, opened ticket