Seller has received my Zelle payment, but cannot confirm it on Bisq

I’m attempting to purchase BTC on Bisq, and I have made multiple trades before this with no problems - but this transaction seems to be having issues. The blockchain has confirmed our trade, and I sent the correct amount over Zelle to the address. The seller messaged me just minutes after I sent the money, saying that he has received it, but he cannot confirm that on Bisq.

He’s saying that on his end, his Bisq says “The deposit transaction has at least one blockchain confirmation. You need to wait until the BTC buyer starts the USD payment.”. But I have already clicked the payment started button. We’ve both tried to restart our sessions, and my Bisq is on the most recent update. What can we do? Is it possible this is some kind of scam?

I don’t think it’s a scam, but a known and fixed issue. Sometimes, the message of “payment sent” that the buyer sends to seller doesn’t arrive. To fix this, a button that says “refresh trade” will be displayed soon.
Seller should use this button, it will surely fix the issue.

I’m having a similar problem with the difference that I’m using SEPA payment and buying in €uros.

Did you talk to the chat with the othter part to be aware of the issue and the possible solution?

you should probably make a new thread to get attention and relevant discussion.