Seller never confirmed that he received fiat, keep getting error receiver could not process message

I sent a mo and seller has not confirmed the payment, but I have updated to the latest version but I cannot message the arbitrator as I keep getting the message receiver could not process message in the chat. The seller originally asked for the mos to be blank which I thought was kinda weird. My arbiter name is pizza if that helps

Hi thanks for posting, if you opened mediation it would likely be myself the message was sent to. My name on Bisq is: pazza

I am replying to all messages now so if you do not get a reply in the next hour or so please let me know.

The tracking acts like its at the post office waiting for pickup? What do I do this seems like this may be on the postal service

I would recommend communicating with your seller and doing what you can to inform them of where the MO is up to.

Have you opened mediation yet?