Seller not confirming - message stored in mailbox

I have an ongoing trade where i made the SEPA EUR transfer almost 4 working days ago and the BTC seller didn’t confirm yet. I checked my bank and the transfer was successful. The payment started message status is: “Message stored in mailbox”.

Does this mean the seller hasn’t been online since I made the transfer? Or could there have been some sort of message delivery problem? Should I wait or should I raise a support ticket? (the 6 days didn’t pass yet but it’s already with a red progression bar because it passed half the time).

Please advise.

“Message stored in mailbox” means that the other guy hasn’t opened his bisq application since (I might be wrong, but that’s what I think it is based on my experience).

Usually if the other guy has seen that you confirmed the payment it says “peer confirmed message receipt” (green checkmark icon instead of the letter icon you see with the mailbox status).

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You should wait until the trade period is over, since the trade is a form of contract in Bisq where you allow the other trader a certain amount of time to do his part. If you open a dispute without any bugs or proof that other user didn’t/can’t fulfill his part of the deal, you are probably braking the rules yourself, although arbitrators will probably just wait until the period has elapsed.

It could be a bug as well and the message never delivered, but the rules say you should wait, so even though it is inconvenient, it is a right thing to do I guess.

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@alexej996 yes, you are right. I will wait, thanks.