Seller unable to confirm, arbitor pays BTC back to seller (solved)

I had two trades as a BTC buyer / maker. Both went to arbitration because the seller could not confirm because of a technical problem, one of the arbitrators mentioned a bug.
One of the trades went fine and the BTC was released to me.

For the other trade it seems the BTC was released back to the seller, even though I have payed and confirmed payment. I cannot communicate with the arbitrator since he closed the ticket.
As it stands now I have made the fiat payment, but the BTC has been sent back to the seller.

The selected arbitrator who I have communicated with is s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999.

How do I proceed with this?

s6y… -> that’s @keo (ping)

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Yes, I made a mistake. Can you give the tradeID so I can check exactly. Then we can discuss on email at

Trade ID sent by e-mail

Yes same mistake here.
Maybe I am the other party.
Arbitrator: ss6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999
Trade ID: 1992464
I now own the money and the BC.
How can I transfer the BC to their rightful owner?

Please help I don’t want to damage my reputation.

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(re)ping @keo :wink:

That is indeed the trade I’m referring to. I’ve been in contact with @keo, and he has sent you a message on Bisq.

I will have a look at the message when I’m back home tonight.

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@mini . I am not sure you can see my message on Bisq. Please contact me at if not. And thanks very much for your honesty.

@keo, @ajgarnerin
I tranfered the funds.
Everything should be settled now

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Funds are received. Thanks for being honest! Truly a gentleman (or woman, what do I know :slight_smile: )

Thanks @keo for your help and dedication!