Seller want to keep btc Until the Trading period expires

hello, i traded with someone. I sent a sepa the seller confirmed this. now he says that due to my account age he will keep the money until the end of the period because it is his right and it is in the seller rules

Ist that True?

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Hi @Bonokek,
Please have a look at trading rules

Click Confirm payment after receiving payment:
Sellers have until the end of the maximum trade period to do so.
Account signing](Account limits - Bisq Wiki), introduced in Bisq v1.2, enables a seller with a signed payment account to sign a buyer’s payment account when they successfully receive a payment. For such trades, it is recommended that the seller take as long as possible (i.e., wait until close to the end of the trade period) to confirm receipt of payment to reduce the chance of a chargeback.

do not worry, most probably the trade will go well.


Can confirm, this happened to me too back when I started.
It can feel excruciating knowing that you sent the money, and BTC is not in your wallet yet, I understand this by experience.
Yet, the escrow system has you more than covered, you will just wait a few days more.
Especially if the seller has an old account (hover on their icon to check) they surely know what they are doing.