Seller with a lot of accounts in different countries

Hi all, I’m new here.
Sorry for my poor English, it’s not my mother tongue.

I’ve taken an offer yo buy some BTC by a verified (green) seller.
After one network confirmation, I made the instant SEPA wire (I’m from Europe).
As the seller didn’t react after a few hours, I’ve sent a friendly message asking to confirm.
While I can see the seller is still online, he doesn’t react.
So I have added a tag to him (slow) to avoid making business in the future, because instant SEPA should be confirmed faster by the seller.

Now, there is something making me very scared.
When I return to the “Buy BTC” tab, I can see my “tag” applied to several seller accounts, some in NL, some in LT, some are green, orange and red, all with the same onion address.

Should I worry now?

Thank you for your help!

Just after posting this here, the seller texted me to say he received my transfer. I feel relieved!
But it’s still strange to see different account in different countries with the same address onion, right?

Hi @step welcome to Bisq.

When you message the seller and it shows they are online it does not necessarily mean they are near their computer. Some traders run Bisq 24/7 so ii will always show as online.

I would not worry about sellers having accounts in multiple SEPA regions. Some banks give specific IBANs, for example TransferWise gives a Belgium IBAN (BE), N26 gives a German IBAN (DE), Monese gives a UK IBAN (GB) etc.

Glad your trade completed successfully.

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Thank you Pazza!

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Sepa instant time is 24 hours. Not slow. Sellers as makers need stay “online” with computer but may afk because offer only listed while bisq is running