Seller's payment details incorrect

I took an offer as a buyer, and the seller’s Zelle payment details are incorrect. When I went to send payment, the Zelle account could not be found. I messaged the seller about this in the chat and they requested I send it to a different account than the one listed in the trade (a phone number rather than the email that was provided).

Is this against the trade rules? Would I be taking on the risk if I send it to the different account requested and the seller doesn’t complete their side of the transaction? What are the options here?

Thank you

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Hi welcome to Bisq.

Yes, sending payment to a different account is against trade rules:

You would be taking a risk if you did this.

You should move the trade to mediation and discuss options with the mediator.

To do this select pending trade and click: ‘Ctrl + o’ or ‘alt + o’ or ‘cmd + o’

Also have a look at: Dispute resolution - Bisq Wiki

Sorry your first trade did not go smoothly. I am sure your next ones will :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for your quick response and helpful reply - I have done a few trades through Bisq and they’ve gone smoothly so far :slight_smile:

Will follow your recommendations, thanks!

Hi! I am new and I have a similar situation. I took an offer as a buyer and the seller’s Revolut username was incorrect. Using Trader Chat, seller told me he/she was new (0 day account) and the seller gave me a new Revolut username to use for payment. Under the trade rules:

"Do not change payment details once trade is in progress

Once the deposit transaction is published, the trade is in progress, and its terms cannot be changed. The seller had agreed to be paid as specified in the trade contract.

In the event of an unexpected circumstance (e.g., hitting a bank-imposed transfer limit), seller can propose alternatives through trader chat or mediation, but buyer is not required to comply. It is the seller to ensure that the payment account in their offer will work before an offer is taken."

Am I reading it properly that is ok for the buyer to send payment to a new account if the seller confirms in the Trader chat?

Thank you in advance!

No, that’s not correct. I hope you have opened mediation instead of paying.

Thank you for the info!