Send funds not found in Bisq

Hello everybody,
I wanted to found Bisq and send a transaction to one of the shown addresses in “founds/receive founds”. well the transaction went through but when I check the founds in Bisq they still on 0.

can somebody please help me?
and please let me know if you need more information or I did a stupid mistake…

The transaction you’re linking doesn’t look like a typical found Bisq wallet transaction (to several outputs). In any case, you can check the addresses importing the seeds to Electrum and resync spv to check all the blockchain again, looking for the missing transaction. I would start with the second one and leave the first for emergency.

mhh well it seems it is my fault - sorry for the trouble and thanks for the answer!!

I wanted to use my node and there seems to be an issue with that. When I switched to provided Bitcoin Core nodes I took a while but now I can see the funds.

topic closed - I might have to make a new one on node though … :sweat_smile:

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Make sure your own node is capable of receiving incoming and outgoing traffic. Perhaps to failed to broadcast the original transaction. Did it seem as though you were connected to it?

well my node was online for sure.

My mistake was that the onion address I put into Bisq was not “correct”. The only reason I have for that (currently) is that I restarted or updated the node at one point and this address must have changed.

Since it was my first time setting up Bisq I couldn’t really tell if it was connected properly or not …
Now I use the current block hight as indicator everything seems to work right :wink: